If I enable HT in bios system helds in winxp SP2 while instaling Creative 7.1 .

By numan
Sep 2, 2005
  1. I have a very serious problem with my newly bought computer. I have just bought

    Intel Pentium 4 HT 3.0GHz 2mb L2 prescott 630
    Intel Mobo D915GAV-L
    Casing + PSU 350W
    MSI Geforce 6600GT 128MB (Nx6600gt TD128E)

    and I have some old things which i plug in my new system (mention below)

    Kingstone 512MB 400Mhz Ram
    Seagate 40Gb Baracoda HDD
    LG Combo drive
    Creative Live 7.1 SoundCard
    Lucent Modem
    Fly Video TV tuner

    I assemble my computer and install Windows XP pro SP2 (HT enabled in the bios while installing windows). When i completed windows installation and install the driver of Creative Live 7.1 soundcard (Full software instal not only the driver) my computer freezes. I restart my pc and install other drivers (modem, Grafics card..) at this time my system works great. When i again install the Creative soundcard softawre+driver system again held (totaly freez). I restart my pc and this time I Disable HT in the bios then i again install my soundcard drivers now system does not freez and the installtion is completed sucssesfuly. I resatrt my pc and enbale HT in bios and when windows start and loads the soundcard software at startup the system again frezzes. I change the pci slot of the card but it dosent work.

    I reinstall the windows (HT enabled in the bios) but this time Windows XP Pro 2002 (not sp2), install the soundcard software-driver(whole cd installation) and my PC install the software without freezing.
    I install other softwares and drivers but system does not freeze. But when i install the SP2 Patch
    (SP2 upgradation) after restarting my system again freezes on the loading of soundcard software+driver.

    When I enable HT in bios system helds and when i disable it system does not freeze.

    Whats the problem? What should i do.
    I am realy confuse about it. I want to enable HT but it freezes. Plz help me. My soundcard drivers are latest.
    If someone helps me i ll be greatly thankful to him.
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