IMAP mail - automated way to save select messages locally?

By Debbie23
Jul 30, 2010
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  1. Using Thunderbird 3.1. Don't care about leaving msgs on an IMAP server for long time. Looking for automated (or easiest) way from T-bird client to save select msgs locally, then delete those same msgs ONLY from the IMAP server.

    May be a more automated way of doing this than method below??
    Would I have to manually save a copy of a select msg to a SEPARATE local (sub)? folder (or where ever), before deleting it from my local inbox, or else it will del both locally & from server?

    Attached screen shows IMAP folders (test) set up in T-bird.

    From this Mozilla article IMAP Synchronization

    if I understand it, in Thunderbird 3, in Account Settings > Synchronization & Storage:

    1) CHECKING "keep messages for this acct on this computer" will d/l a copy of the msgs from (say Gmail, or ANY) & store them in local folders AND leave copies on server (until deleted)?

    2) If "Synchronize all msgs locally regardless or age," AND "Don't delete any messages," are checked,
    then if I delete a msg locally, it will del from server also.

    This is not specifically about Gmail. I only have occasional use for features of IMAP. Some webmail providers don't support POP - esp for TB 3.


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