Imposible task? A really cheap gaming PC.

By benedict
Mar 17, 2005
  1. Hello All,

    I've been asked to build a gaming PC for a friend but he has a very tight budget of £300 ($600ish). I'm trying to get it up to £350 but even that isn't much. I've lost track of what's going on in computer-hardware-world so I don't know what is feasible.

    The PC is certainly not going to be able to run anything that's released 'tommorow' but hopefully I'll be able to come up with something that can run more than pong. As many as the parts as possible will come from here (the local shop):

    Here's my plan at the moment:

    Hard drive - £50:
    He' currently got one 20Gb hard drive which can be re-used. I think it would be best to use this old drive for Windows and spend the money on an 80GB drive to install the games on.

    RAM - £50:
    512MB of what ever is cheapest.

    processor - £100:
    From what I can gather Athlon processors are better in this price range. I think an AMD "ATHLON 64" 2800+ is the most feasible.

    MB & Case - £100:
    I've put the MB & case together because my friend is quiet taken by my Shuttle PC and is interest in something simmilar. So far the cheapest SFF MB&Case that takes Athlon 64 I've found cost £180 which eats up too much of the budget. Is it possible to get a standard MB and case for Athlon 64 for around £100?

    Another factor with this PC is there physical size. I know that some Graphics cards won't physically fit in my PC because they are too long! The range of barebones PC at is fairly small so I think it would make sense to buy on line some where.

    Graphics card - £50:
    I have no idea what would be best. HELP!

    Any help on this subject would be fantastic because it's going to take me ages figure this out other wise.

  2. Jay AK

    Jay AK TS Rookie

    i suggest you check this site out matey,

    i've found them to be one if not the best and cheapest for buying PC kit online, and there delivery times are spot on :) i ordered a Logitec momo FF steering wheel from there last friday afternoon, and arrived on monday morning, and it was £12 cheaper then anywhere else. what more can you ask for :) .....

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