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In 2015: Android first, Windows Phone second, iPhone third

By Emil · 61 replies
Mar 29, 2011
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  1. Apple is not sleeping you know (unlike MS)?


    So my bet would be:

    1. Apple with all sorts of users - cause it's so easy to use and you have everything you need! Plus the the new iOS and the cloud base storage.
    2. Android with some techie users who want to experiment - a bit limited market share i guess. But can still can dominate the market as anyone (manufacturers) can use android OS.
    3. Blackberry - focusing mainly on Enterprise.
    4. Windows - already out of touch with the mobile market but still has potential.

    This is my opinion. :)
  2. Problem with apple fan boys are same like console players. They think they are running a great product with some incredible speed (marketing) better than PC. But these gamers never played anything with 80+ FPS so when I sat down front of console I saw many times barely making 24+ FPS.

    Same with iPhone. Tried many and noticed some speed problems, but lame users can not notice, indeed when you show an android with homepage widgets + how fast it is, they are wondering maybe there is something beyond apple.
  3. As a user of both an Apple iPhone 3g and a Samsung Galaxy S, I believe both devices and both OS have their merits, I haven't played with a phone with W7 on it but use W7 on all my computers.

    Atthe end of the day its all a matter of horses for courses and I think this slagging off of products and operating systems is childish and non productive.

    I would rather a advantages of thses things were talked about to allow people to make a much more informed decision before purchasing these items in difficult financial climate.
  4. Archean

    Archean TechSpot Paladin Posts: 5,690   +95

    Have you even tried WP? I very much doubt it. Its performance isn't bad, and interface feels lot more responsive and at least onpart with iOS and better than pathetically cheap imitated interface (of iOS) which Android has (although I must say it is totally different OS/business model).

    Same observation as above, with addition that someone near you is probably smoking pot which is blurring reality.

    On the contrary Blackberry i.e. RIM is in danger of becoming irrelevant. We had very large number of employees using blackerry in our organization two years ago, now there are only 7 (and RIM is suffering everwhere and I am not interested to talk about NOT so BOLD's new launch); which tells alot about what is happening to them. I don't think this trend will reverse or even change. Guess where most of the users went? 1. WP7, 2. iPhone, and 3. Android; infact I am the only one using it which makes the 3rd position pretty hollow anyway. Also, it will probably be my first and last Android device, having gone through so much pain to make it 'just work' and not constantly crash has pretty much sealed the deal for me for any future purchase.
  5. hynesy

    hynesy TS Maniac Posts: 389

    Wow, I thought I had to visit Youtube to see so many *****ic comments. I would offer my opinion but I feel it would be a severe waste of time.
  6. Windows Phone never will be the second.
  7. Gudmundur

    Gudmundur TS Rookie

    Prediction made in article:
    In 2015: Android first, Windows Phone second, iPhone third by VOLUME

    Here's my prediction for PROFIT SHARE:
    iPhone 60%, Android 20%, Windows Phone 15%, The rest 5%
  8. foreverzero89

    foreverzero89 TS Enthusiast Posts: 217

    guest samefag detected.

    but this sounds right, android has new things everyday, WP7 is sweet, ios is popular, others are meh.
  9. The world is going to end next year so i dont see how you can figure this....
  10. i have a windows phone for the HTC pure on ATT and it wokrs wonderfully the only downside is i dont hvae that many apps unless i pay alot. it really is a nice phone and i did pick it over the iphone. This phone does more for me than anything i transfer files and much more with it i can run a power point on it lets see any other phone do that.
  11. DokkRokken

    DokkRokken TS Rookie Posts: 267

    I find it funny that people are saying that a WP OS coming in second place is ludicrous. I'm sure in 2000, if I told people that Apple would manufacture the hottest phone to have in 2008-onwards, people would be asking me:


    And this was prediction was made by IDC, not the author. The only safe prediction to be made here is that reading comprehension will continue to drop, based upon the idiocy shown in many previous comments.
  12. You sound pretty certain in the article, but I have my money on android anyway. This is coming from a guy with an iPhone 4.

    The iPhone was probably the best phone when it first came out. But by today's standards, Apples steady stream of new features pale in comparison to Android manic development rate. Google did the same thing with android and google chrome: both burst on to the seen open source, with an absolutely insane development rate (I'm using google chrome 12 now!). Google somehow managed to get thousands of apps out in it's appstore in no time at all, and now, there are monstrous android smart phones coming out every month. In terms of speed, the Motorola Atrix already makes my iphone 4 look like a razr.

    I can't see apple keeping up with the android frenzy. Sooner or later, they're gonna get left in the dust, and iPhones will just become another part of apple's proprietary hardware suite.

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