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Feb 14, 2008
  1. I have payed many MMORPG, and i never had any problems. Now I play Flyff, if anyone know, and Depends of times, sometimes after one hour, or less, my screen shut down, in a ''Saving power Mode'', message, and it stays like that.
    After I have to Manually Shut down the computer; fast Double-click on space bar don't work, close and open screen, nothing that I do, if the screen is in ''Saving power mode'' after a certain time of non-use, but if i move mouse, or click on any keyboard case, like everyone know, don't work.

    It's really getting annoying. I went make the Screen Alimentation Modes, on Always Active. But it didn't solved the problem.

    I ask for any other solution or things to do. Thks.
  2. Bobbye

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    I find that many users have power settings for excessive short times. For instance, if you have you monitor set to power down in 2 minutes, you could be staring at the screen trying to decide what to do when the monitor powers down.

    Go to the Control Panel> Power Options> Delete the current settings> reset monitor, hard drive and standby for longer periods> Save the setting> Apply> OK.

    See if that works better for you. For instance, try monitor set to 2 hours, hard drive to never and standby to 2 hours.
  3. EnJoy_iT

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    Till now don't seem to work. Could it be about the graphic card. Because I'vd Played Flyff before, and I hade no probleme, and, in time, we'vd change the graphic card.

    Anyway...I had not saw the''monitor at 2 hours, hard drive never, and standby 2 hours''...ill try it. Could work that time. Thks.
  4. Bobbye

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    The times I gave you are suggestions- you can change them if you want. The main thing is to NOT use power options that are so short, the system is going to close down. All the settings in the dialog boxes are changeable when clicking on the arrow point to the right of the setting box. Multiple times are available.
  5. EnJoy_iT

    EnJoy_iT TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Oh, I though the times u suggested me were better. But ok...iv'd tried all the possibilities...this way of solving my problems is not an option anymore, it don't work.

    So like I sed before. I want to know if it could be the graphic card that cant support the game. If it's a possibility well.. ill try to see want i can do. Like to pulling out the graphic card, and replugg it, just getting a new one, better one.

    But if theres something else,i could do....tell me.
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