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By sk37ch
Nov 9, 2005
  1. ASUS Proactive AI p5p800 mobo
    Intel P4 3.4ghz w HT
    1 gig of DDR

    Well i finally finished purchasing computer parts for my new computer im building the other day. When i first put it together out of excitement i rushed putting it together and forgot the posts to seperate my mobo from my case, in my first attempt to boot up i expereinced an error stating that the cpu overclocking had failed. I panicked so confused as to what was going on, so i tried to start it up a few more times but no luck it would flash for about .5 a second then just power right down. Realised that i messed up somewhere I decided to take a little time and move slower and realised I had for to put on my i went back and did this and afterwords the computer booted up fine allowing me to format the harddrive (it was used from an older comp) and when doing so i walked away from my computer and when i returned later it was powered off, so i simply tried to turn it back on and all was well seeemed as if nothing bad had happened really the hd finished formatting and it brought me straight to the WindowsXP installation so I went through with it and returned back every little while to enter required information and at the end when i was away again i came back to a powered down computer. So I simply booted it back up again thinking my roomate must have turned it off so i went to my buisness installing my drivers etc (windows was installed perfectly fine) updating....etc still not completeley done but mostly. I was worried I damaged my cpu or another component with my careless mistake allowing my mobo to short out so I downloaded Aquamark 3d and let it rip, for the first 10 mins everything was great a nice solid framerate seemed like the computer should be fine but then just when my hopes got up, BAM power off, so I turn it back on hoping to maybe get some sort of an error log telling me exactly what happened but unfortunatley a crash like that usually cant provide a I sucked it up and figured maybe i just need to change some BIOS settings and things will be fine so I jsut started browns the net a bit reading some forums curious to find out more about people who made the same mistake i have when after about an hour suddlent my computer powered down and when i turned back on my POST reported an error that the CPU had overheated, so i gave it awhile to cool down then powered back just come here and post and see what anyone has to say. Do you think my CPU is fried? Or some other just getting really stressed and cant think straight because of this.....Need someones opinion on what the problem is most likley, i dont think the CPU should be overheated i have the proper heatsink installed that came with it and it is installed properly anyways....ive rambled alot and i just need someones opinion here. Please and Thank You.
  2. sk37ch

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    I have to add thinking it could be possible that instead of just a short I may just have an overheating CPU problem...the cpu performs fine in benhmarks until its been pushed of r abit in which case the computer shuts off usually giving an overheating error when rebooting, and thinking of all the stories ive heard of cooling problems in custom built computers im gunna cross my fingers that thats what the problem is and that a good old extra fan or two could help considering all that is in this computer right now for cooling is the heatsink with its fan, one fan in the front of the comptuer and one on the side of the case. Does anyone else agree that this is most likley THE problem ? Im really hoping so...
  3. howard_hopkinso

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    Hello and welcome to Techspot

    Turn off your computer, and pull out the mains plug.

    Open up the case and remove the cpu fan plug from the mobo. Take off the heatsink. Clean off all the old thremal pad/paste using some isopropyl alcohol, from the heatsink, and the cpu.

    Apply some new thermal paste. Only use a very thin layer of thermal paste to the die of your cpu.

    Look HERE for instructions on how to apply thermal paste.

    Reattach the heatsink making sure it`s the correct way round, and plug in the cpu fan to the mobo.

    Now fire up the computer.

    Hopefully it should now be ok.

    Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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