In search for Laptop for audio/gaming

By mke · 28 replies
Jul 20, 2007
  1. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Actually, the 7600 beats the 8600 in most current games. But down the road, who can tell what's going to happen? But the 7600 is definitely better than the 8400, which is just a small step up from a 7300GS.
  2. mke

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    hello. just to post a long overdue reply.

    I got at the end an HP Pavilion DV9500t and damn am happy i did buy it.
    Core 2 Duo - T7200
    2Gb Ram 800
    2 x 160gb (5400 rpm)
    17" - 1440x990
    8600 GS - 256ram

    cant complain besides the screen resolution but it plays everything i throw at it. gothic 3 plays nicely on native resolution with somewhat most effects on. with vista playable frame rates are crap. thats one of many reasons why i now have xp and suse installed. also using the omega drivers did help quite a bit.
    disk wise recording is ok, eg. recorded upto 4 96khz stereo signals while playing more than another 10 plus 20fx/vst and system was still working fine.

    However the only problem at the moment i c is when i use protools. for some reason its like protools system doesnt recognise that the cpu is dual core, cause it is having problems glitching and stop responding for upto 30-60sec if i load more than 3-4 vst plugins and it needs to work its cpu a little. if i am streaming/playing back audio in protools then everything works fine .


    if anyone is looking for a decent laptop i think the HP dv9500t is a good choice for its price. i paid 710£ on August.


    ps: i am not an employer of HP in any way besides being a consumer of their products ;p
  3. LNCPapa

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    Thanks for the follow-up. We hardly get anyone to come back and say what actually worked for them and we need more of that.
  4. mke

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    hehe no problem :)

    been here for ages, thought i do something useful :) the only complain i could say for laptop would be bigger screen, since i do alot of music work on the road and hence a 1920x would be great but HP dont offer that, only the 1680x but then again i couldnt afford it at the time.

    besides a 8600gs is fine for most games, plays Gothic 3 just fine, not best resolutions but still enjoyable. same with NFS ProStreet. plays just fine if u are not a hard core gamer. he in that case you would be looking for sli laptops that rocket sky high well above 1000£...


    tata. off to solve my other problems with other pcs ....

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