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Nov 13, 2006
  1. I have an emachine and all of the sudden it would turn off on me antill it would not turn on anymore. It' s got power and I can see it running but no picture. At first I thought it was the graphic card but I don't know. could it be the motherboard. if so how can I chech it out.
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  3. ambopape

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    wow! what should I do fix it or throw away????
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    That's not an easy question to answer!!

    If you replace the mobo with the exact same one then the emachines windows cd will work!!
    If you replace it with a different mobo then the emachines cd wont work!! Putting in a different mobo WILL require a reinstall!!

    As long as the replacement psu is NOT a Bestec, then an identical mobo is your bet bet, you can usually pick them up really cheap on ebay!!
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    Hi Ambopape,
    Sorry to say the Emachine is toasted.
    I have heard and read a lot about Emachines over the years.
    Rik has also given you the bad news.
    If you can pull the HardDrive out of the machine you may be able to use it as a slave on another machine so you will not lose all of your files etc.
    Good Luck.
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    My E-machine would not boot because of its fried Mobo and CPU. But I only found that out once I had already bought a new power supply, cpu and motherboard and tested the new cpu in the old mobo and the old cpu in the new mobo. The power supply was fine. I kept the old parts (ram, hd, cards, cdrw and dvd). I purchased a PC-Chips mobo that suited the socket 478 celeron. BTW, that's a laptop proc. Windows keeps restarting the machine, but I'm working on that. I'll re-install XP from the e-machines disk. I verified all was working fine by booting Damnsmalllinux from the CD drive. Beauty!
  7. Rik

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    I doubt the emachine cd will work with a different mobo, the cd's are usually coded to only work on an emachine mobo!!!!
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