Solved Infected ddos attack?


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Mark as solved. Leaving usable information for people out there.

- yellow border ( check ODS software or Eset Smart Internet security. I left it as is, because it was complaining about not having a secured web browser. Not bothering me now. )

- ddos attack / fraggle attack - since this was common issues in netgear devices, in my case, RAX8 AX6000, and many apply to similar problem via logging system. It does slow down the internet as router logs for me. Turn that off, and turn off a couple of settings really makes the difference. Forum search out there in NG will gets you somewhere.

- you also asked me to clean my computer and it seem improved but has nothing to do with ddos attack. It was router being misled with floods of informations and translated that into "fraggle attack" and turning off many features related to logging will helps. Thanks through for helping me to double check.

Thanks Broni. You're the best Techspot-er out there. A serious dedication. Keep it up, please.