Infected with persistent trojan, want to do acer erecovery but partition not found?

By nhyn
Jul 26, 2010
  1. hi there,
    So I got infected with trojan. Ran malwarebytes & spybot in normal mode, removed trojan, restarted a few times, but then trojan problem came back. I switched to safe mode and run malwarebytes, and now am in normal mode again trying to do acer erecovery management to reset it to factory default, just to make sure (have changed all passwords on another computer). However, acer erecovery reported "hard drive: unknown, partition label: unknown, partition size: unknown". I've done acer erecovery twice before without any problem, and am not sure why it's like this (I have an acer aspire one with no CD drive hence can't do this from CD). I was wondering if you guys can help me perform acer erecovery, and if the partition is indeed gone (i can swear I never touch it, it should be there...), guide me through the whole cleaning process (will post logs then).
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  3. nhyn

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    hi there,
    thanks for your reply. after multiple cleaning my computer is running normally, but i still cant be sure if all the trojan is removed, and since ive had this problem so many times lately without explicitly seeking for trouble (i clicked on a torrent site hoping to find a software i needed), im going to install ubuntu and part way with windows for good :)
    you guys can close this thread. thanks!
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    No problem :)
    Good luck.
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