Inflated prices produce record revenue for hard drive makers

By Shawn Knight ยท 38 replies
Jun 13, 2012
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  1. The world is so corrupt!! It actually breaks my heart, and makes me sick to my stomach. Too bad the most prominent feature of the planet's dominant species is greed. Disgusting.
  2. Zoltan Head

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    fao cliffordcooley - the guest post you refer too is commenting on the one immediately preceding it. The item in bold is fairly well-known colloquial UK English.
  3. it isn't known to me.
  4. Profit gets calculated AFTER costs and Expenses.

    So, their profit numbers should take into account the cost of rebuilding. Unless they have not started to rebuild yet. Or if they are able to, they might be including the cost as it is incurred monthly, which means the entire cost of rebuilding will be spread out over the time it takes to rebuild.

    but, either way, it shows rebuilding expenses as "part" of the profit.

    unless they have not started to rebuild yet.
  5. MilwaukeeMike

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    This is how business with a large barrier to entry work. In the 50s there were many car companies in USA, they merged and died until now we have 3 big ones. Look at processors, look at operating systems, look at video cards, and look at cell phone carriers if you want to see the mergers. They all have very few players (next will be airlines). As long as there's more than one, we're ok. And HDD builders have to compete with SSD makers now. Not completely, but there's overlap.
  6. Night Hacker

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    Stop moving production overseas and perhaps this wouldn't happen? Actually scratch that, greedy unions would push the prices higher instead. Consumers lose either way.

    Be nice to see larger cheaper SDDs. Fat chance but I can dream. ;)

    The greed in this world is getting out of hand though. Something has to give sooner or later.
  7. captainawesome

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    The mere fact that you have ask shows that you don't know. Many of the losses were recovered against insurance. You think the companies were so blind that they thought a natural disaster couldn't strike.
    No, the truth is that they have already recovered everything spent on rebuilding their factories.
    Initially, Coughlin's report claims, the extra income from the inflated prices will be used by companies to recover losses made as a result of the flooding. After that, however, prices are expected to remain at an inflated level in order to fund additional research and development into next-generation storage systems.

    In other words: we'll be so used to paying higher prices for hard drives by 2014, manufacturers will be unwilling to drop the prices even if it could be afforded.
  8. This actually proves that HDDs were underpriced before.
  9. Jack Reacher

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    Well HDD manufacturers, you will have to excuse me because I am not buying any of your crap. I've robbed extra HDD out of computers that I own that were rarely used or needed. I have enough HDD to last me with new builds to 2015. One year after you finally start remembering who made you a successful business... The CUSTOMER. The one you've been trying to screw for the past several months. By the way, who's great idea was it to locate your businesses in a 3rd world country with flood problems? Great planning and the unemployed in this country are really thanking you for taking your jobs overseas. You scum bags
  10. cliffordcooley

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    Why does TechSpot allow prejudice between countries? That is not much different than personal attacks.
  11. Jack Reacher

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    Personal attack? doh! Grow up, Cliffy ... Now go paint some butterflies or some other liberal loon activity.
  12. cliffordcooley

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    I felt the very same thing when you made the statement "3rd world country" and qualifying it not fit for business.
  13. Night Hacker

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    And how many billions have they saved out sourcing labour to other countries. Seems to me that it balances out.
  14. Market Dynamics at work. If you don't want to buy then don't. Regards of what you think you are still the one with the power to shift the market. It's based on supply and demand so unless you really need the hard drives, don't buy. The hard drive prices have forced me to go into my backups and really think about what data I truly want to keep, turns out we had a bunch of projects archived we had not touched in years. We deleted a ton of old work and then I had more than enough space for our new projects. If the price had been low I might not have ever gone through the archives to do some house cleaning.
    That's my take.

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