[Info] Yahoo confirms hack

By Bobbye
Jul 13, 2012


    Approximately 470,000 Yahoo email addresses and passwords were stolen. This was then posted on a hacker's website and stored in plain text.

    Check your email for phishing attempts.

    I had an email supposedly from amazon.com, supposedly acknowledging an order I had cancelled. The order number was given as a hyperlink. Clicking on that will redirect you to some site that is either fraudulent or has warning of poor reputation.

    Since I don't use Yahoo on amazon and since I hadn't cancelled an order and most of all because both Firefox and WOT advise me of these sites and won't open them unless I override the warning, I did click on the link (NOT ADVISED) to see if I could get either an IP or ISP info.
    Instead, I got the multiple warnings.

    BE ADVISED: These phishing messages look very authentic in the display and wording, so expect that and delete them without opening.
    Note: I am editing my post because I am no longer able to reply in this forum- even to myself:

    So far, I have not seen anything about learning if you were a victim of the hack. If I see anymore info on this, I'll edit again.
  2. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    Thanks for this post Bobbye. Anyway we can find out if our Yahoo account was one of those compromised?

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