By Dale Ciurczak
Aug 17, 2008
  1. Hi gang.
    Norton AV discovered the Infostealer.Gampass virus or trojan or whathever it is. 2 incidents were found, but it listed 6 problems (I think) Norton repair didn't work, nor did their special instructions for this issue. None of the issue related words were present in their registry trek;I just changed a few numbers. I disabled NAV and ran AVG with no luck. I would greatly appreciate anyones assistance in helping me to get rid of this thing and to move on to the next issue.
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  3. Dale Ciurczak

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    Kimsland, thanks for the Material

    Hi, Kimsland
    Thanks for the info. I just had a chance to scan it. I have a good feeling. I am just getting used to the system and finding - refinding things in this TechSpot universe. I dont mean to dis you or anyone. I'm on it. Thanks much
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