Inside, Outside - Make up your mind! (IM woes)

By obsideo
Aug 28, 2003
  1. Having a problem with my RT311 NAT and hosting games; lemme qualifying that by saying it is mostly working. Port forwarding is working just fine (setup as described here. (CLICKY CLIKCY)

    My problem is that my roommate's pc which is setup on the inside as well cannot join to a gamevoice session while I have my gamevoice setup so that it may host to machines on the outside. I'm assuming that his is now looking for the external address of our router which is the same as mine (obviously). My apologies in advance if I am not wording this very well - I'm not
    always real clear. :eek:

    Anyway... Let me know any of ya might think and I'll clalify anything I've left out.
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