Inspiron 1440, not turning on, detailed symptoms

By inspironsux
Sep 29, 2011
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  1. owned since: August 2009
    specs: visible on profile i guess
    problems since: April 2011

    initially: it wouldn't turn on soon after shutting down, like i had to wait some 15-20mins before it could turn on

    "turn on" in this post means: when the screen lights up and the dell sign loads

    the problem further deteriorated when it didnt turn on for a whole week like that, and one day just out of the blue, i pressed the power button and the screen came to life,
    a week after that it died again

    and then i took it a computer repair shop (i lost the warranty card, and i dont reckon dell has reliable repair etc in my country)
    they told me the motherboard was fried, but there was a 20% chance they could fix it, it was fixed and returned to me
    (i have never spilled anything on it, but it could have overheated due to overuse (usually turned on for 12-14hrs in one go, without external cooling)

    i took extra care after that and got a cooling pad as well, but 2-3 weeks later it died again and i took it to another shop, it was fixed and returned to me
    now i have no idea what they did to it in the shop, bcz u have to leave ur machine with them n they work on it whenever THEY find it feasible

    now, after a few months, it's dead yet again

    i tried my own hand at it several times, but i could never open it (out of fear) till the motherboard

    iv tried:
    -resetting the ram, changing slots etc..
    -taking out all the detachable elements and blowing into it to clean the dust
    but i can't reach the motherboard somehow, there is some screw that i can't find

    and now it's lying there dead for all the world to see, and im *figuratively* crying girly tears at its deathbed...sigh....

    also, if i turn it on without ram, it gives me 4 beeps, pause, 4 beeps, pause repetitively
    if i insert the ram into the ram slot, it waits some 30-40 seconds before exhibiting the aforementioned behavior

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