Installation Issues, WOW 2nd Disk

By isapeza
Aug 27, 2005
  1. Hi -

    We are trying to install World of Warcraft on our new Dell Dimension 3000. We already have it installed fine on our old PC. The installation procedure gets stuck on the 2nd CD - it's freezing up.

    1) Is this because there is something wrong with the CD? But I can look at the contents of the CD from MY COMPUTER and it doesn't have any issues. And there are no marks or scratches on it.

    2) Is this because you aren't supposed to load the game onto more than one PC? (but I would think that they would stop you on your first disk if this was the case)

    3) Maybe there is something about the CD drive that I am unfamiliar with (I am not used to a CD burner).

    I would appreciate all comments. Thanks :eek:
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