installation problem halo 2 for vista

By gamerguy53
Jun 22, 2007
  1. i am trying to install halo2 on my laptop. after fixing a few issues (driver updates) the only problem i get is it says halo2 does not support my graphics chip. my graphics chip meets the minimum requirements so i dont know what is wrong. i clicked run anyways but it wont install. what should i do?

    dell inspiron 1501
    vista home premium
    AMD turion64 x2 mobile technology
    ATI Radeon xpress hypermemory 1150
    2gb ram
  2. Neyla

    Neyla TS Rookie Posts: 21

    This happened to me as well when trying to play an online game on my old computer. I had all the minium requirements but you need alittle bit more space in order to save anything, like you game. That's what I think anyways. Hope you get it running soon. :]
  3. Skl_it_wizz

    Skl_it_wizz TS Rookie


    i get the same problem i brought halo 2 and it was a proper version as i got it from pc world( so there is one problem) and i wrote down the spec and had a tech guy have a look and gave me his word that it would work but i get home and i have three problems .
    1: graphics card wont take it
    2: part of the disk installed but not the rest and to complete u have to uninstall it but then it justs complete the circle
    3 not enough space but there is i just don't want to install all 3 programs on halo and the server but dont the map editor i ent one to sit there and try and make a map i cant be bothered 2 sit there
    please help i want to play it bad and i am soon going 2 go 2 pc world with a gun and kill the guy who said it wud work and i dont want 2 go down 4 murder at 15
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