Installed new Motherboard and no Video pcchips m947

By YoSilva ยท 5 replies
Feb 10, 2005
  1. Installed new Motherboard and no Video pcchips m947, I hear all compents starting but no video
  2. tbrunt3

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    Please provide all your computer specs . You need to help us help you then we will go from there..
  3. YoSilva

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    The Motherboard is a pcchips M947LU, I installed the motherbaord and I don't get any Video
  4. AnySupreme

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    i'm sure if you're messing with a motherboard that you would know the basics...making sure that you have your memory, processor and monitor hooked up...then if you get it can move forward...if you hear it powering might not be..that might just be the power supply might have to set the jumper to clear the cmos...if that doesn't help...i'd tell you to use a different memory chip, or if you're using more than one...try them one by one...and if possible...try a different processor...and everytime you make any changes make sure you also include jumping the cmos as one of your options ( to be thorough ) i would also tell you to plug in a speaker to see if you hear any beeps that might help you further...but if it won't start up with it's onboard video...try using a pci video card...( even if it's old ) to just get it started...very very rarely it could be a corrupted bios..or maybe the bios for that board isn't up to date with the processor or memory that you're using...try going online and getting a bios update floppy case you might need to try that also.....hope it works...!
  5. YoSilva

    YoSilva TS Rookie Topic Starter

    :wave: Thanks for the information I have tried numerous times to clear CMOS and I also tried to use an Old Video card but no luck I even had the motherbaord RMA and I have the same problem with the new motherboard, I have also tried a different CPU 2.0 and 2.8, any other Ideas Thanks anyone
  6. AnySupreme

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    all i can tell you now is to try your other parts on another motherboard if you can. to rule out any chance that you might be using defective parts. and if all the parts work elsewhere...then, that would leave your problem to be a fautly motherboard. but really check on that board for the cmos reset...alot of times now it doesn't come with jumper pins. now there's a spot on the board with two solder contacts. you'd have to take a flat screwdriver or something to make the contact while you try turning on the board.
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