Installed new motherboard on dell 4700 please help

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Sep 25, 2009
  1. ok a family members computer was what she was told lightning killed the mother board we ordered a replacement i just installed it, it will now power (it didnt even do that before) but it is like a half power, The light on front stays solid amber. i can feel fan and hear running but its like it wont boot. Computer screen stays black... Any ideas??? Thank you kindly
  2. dmill89

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    If lightning killed the motherboard it probably also took out the power supply. A PSU can still work when it's fried but the output voltages could be wrong (which can fry an new motherboard). Who knows what other components have been fried as well. Your best bet is to replace the psu and take the system down to the bare necessities (CPU, ram , motherboard, video [if not integrated]) and add other components one at a time. if a component causes a problem it's bad. If the system will not even POST with just CPU, ram and motherboard one or more of those components is bad (you can try swapping these out if you have extra parts).
  3. raybay

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    Lightning never travels in a straight path... any wire, any switch, any connection, any component can be damaged in inexplicable ways...
    Not many techs have seen more than a very few lightning strikes and the damage they can do.
    Most lightning that destroys computers cannot even be seen. There is no flash... and seldom a boom or crack of noise... the damaging voltage comes down a telephone line, or a cable company connection or in through the electrical company connection in the garage.
    We have contracts with insurance companies to consult on damage, and saw electrical components destroyed in 67 houses last year.
    It is hardly ever worth it to have a computer repair company fix one, but it can be "fun" for the individual owner... but never easy, and hardly ever low cost.
    You have to suspect everything in that Dell...
  4. mikefrend

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    ok so psu could still work its a dell 4700 so its intergrated, so try psu... it run but seems like not enough power to get going
  5. raybay

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    Yes, it can appear to be working, while not delivering power steadily, or in ways that are needed, since there are three circuits. Once circuit can burn out while the other two appear to be fine.
    It is always wise to replace the power supply when you have other electrical damage.
    On the 4700, just be sure the new power supply will have cooling air flow through similar channels to the old power supply... The power switch should be in the same location, and I would avoid a power supply that does not have a power switch... More than half the available power supplys move 4700 air in and out through channels that are partially blocked.
    Many power supplies will have extra cables, plugs, and sockets your old one does not. But those differences will usually not harm your computer. You just have to think about some of them and the ways they split apart.
    There are 87 different brands that will fit... so consider a name brand with "standard ATX Pr-Ready" like FSP, Sparkle, OCZ, Corsair, Zalman (those five are our choices) ThermalTake, Antec, Enermax Pro, Apevia, Black CoolMax, PC Power & Cooling, Silverstone, Xigmatek, and Antec... provided the power plug, switch, and cooling channels are generally in the same locations.

    It is good to take your old one to the store with you or a couple of photographs.

    Good luck.
  6. tweakboy

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    You might not have enough room,, Their desktop series or hte one you have is probably their smaller one,, low tower and what not.. Just get a nice case for 60 bucks after rebate,, gl,
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