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Installing a Radeon 9250 on an ASRock K7VM3

By furymaster
Mar 18, 2005
  1. I'm just trying to play World of Warcraft. :( For those wondering, a 64MB integrated graphics chipset is not "Just as good."

    So I ordered a new computer. Class act operation...sent me the wrong drivers for the hardware,shipped it weeks late...anyway.

    I finally got so fed up with trying to install the crappy video card (long story) that I went out and bought a Radeon 9250 PCI card (Yes, in retrospect I should have gotten an AGP. I've already heard it from my tech-geek friends).

    My problem is this. I went and installed the drivers found on the CD, and according to the installation log it went fine. But the graphics card wasn't working. Windows didn't recognize it as part of the system, and when I tried to boot using the graphics card (onboard disabled) I got a black screen of doom. I went to see what the problem was, and the Hardware Wizard said that the drivers were not installed for the device.

    The kicker? When I went to install the Catalyst drivers from the site, it said that it couldn't detect any hardware that matched the drivers. I checked the Radeon site, and it's very ambiguous...the page for the 9250 says to use the Catalyst drivers, but the Catalyst page doesn't list it as being one of the supported cards.

    I just want to run my friends are so far ahead of me.

    1.How do I configure the BIOS to use the PCI card, instead of the onboard? For those who don't know, ASRock is a bit set in their AGP ways when it comes to installing graphics cards.

    2.How do I get Windows to recognize the new hardware?

    If anybody could just give me a very simple,plain english explanation of how to get it so that the onboard graphics are disabled,the PCI graphics card is enabled and the drivers are all set up and recognized.

    I'm tired,I'm hungry,I'm bored,this place scares me, and I'm completely computer illiterate. Please help.
  2. vegasgmc

    vegasgmc TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,377

    If theres any way you can return or exchange that card then do it. If not, remove all the ATI drivers and software and make sure the drivers for your onboard video are removed. Then boot into the BIOS and change the the video setting to PCI. Then reboot and install the Catalyst drivers.
    There isnt really a huge difference in performance between AGP and PCI when you have a low end card like the 9250. But most of the 9250's have a 64bit memory interface instead of 128bit which makes them extra crappy.
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