Installing a video card and supporting 2 monitors

By NeedsMet
Jun 10, 2009
  1. Hi,

    I installed a e-GeForce 8400 Gs video card. It installed fine. However, the purpose of this card was so I can support 2 monitors. The card says it supports 2 monitors. It has a vga connector and a dvi connector. I connected up a monitor to the VGA and it seems to work fine. But I connected up 2nd VGA monitor with an adapter to the dvi connector on the card.

    The 2nd monitor is not working. Nothing.

    Is there something Im missing here to get my 2nd monitor working? On the video card, do I have to connect something inside the computer to the dvi pins?
  2. smundye

    smundye TS Rookie

    Yes, there could be something missing. Maybe you didn't install the "Dual View" drivers.

    Check in the Display Adapters window under Device Manager .

    It should show both "NVIDIA GeForce 8400" AND "NVIDIA Dualview".

    Sorry about all the updates NeedsMet. Think have got it right this time as have done it rather than relying on memory!!
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