Installing or updating Office 365 will quietly set Chrome search to Bing


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As far as "trustworthy" search engines go, I use and recommend DuckDuckGo. Works fine for me. No tracking whatsoever.

Very occasionally, I'll need to use Google for a specific query that DDG isn't turning up useful results for, but that's rare. The vast majority of the time it gets the job done and then some. Even has Maps functionality now.


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Good luck with that. :)
For me this is not a real reason for switching. I can set my default search engine to Google anytime. Though I wonder when MS is gonna stop doing these ridiculous attempts to make people use Bing when google is just miles better.
On the other hand, I think the Office 365 is the best productivity software for work today.
I used to use Openoffice to write my thesis with (I used Ubuntu and Openoffice) but it was such a pain in this MS Office dominated world, that I am never going to give it a try ever again.
All the text formattings kept breaking among Openoffice, Word 2000 and Word 2003. It was a real nightmare.
And who's fault is all that? MS only complies with standards when they're trying to woo users over to their products. Javascript is a prefect example of this. It's a major reason why they eventually lost their massive IE user base.
By refusing to dump Office you're making it easier for MS to continue this behaviour. MS is only willing to stay honest when users hold them accountable by choosing standards compliant software/hardware.


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This is nothing new, I'm surprised its taken this long for the penny to drop! Not only does it reset your default search engine regardless of browser - I use Opera - you will find that every office update will reset your security settings back to default as well. I've been experiencing this for over 2 years.. Not happy.