Drivers Installing printer and scanner on Windows x64

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Hey guys,

I know this may be a silly question... but I just upgraded to windows x64 edition, and everything works great. Downloaded the 64-bit drivers for my video card, and sound card.

My problem is, that there are no 64-bit drivers out for my printer, nor my scanner at the moment. Is there a way to (or a wizard) to install my printer and/or scanner on a 64 bit operating system using 32 bit drivers?

I heard of a wizard called "WoW" that is supposibly in windows x64 that is supposed to help 32 bit applications run on the 64 bit... but i dont know if it will help with driver installation.

any ideas? or am i sol?


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Check with the printer and scanner manufacturers and see if they have beta drivers. If not you're out of luck. You have to use 64bit drivers. Its going to be the same nightmare everyone went through when XP came out. Older periferals are abandoned and it takes forever to get stable drivers for newer products.


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I concur with you. You must have 64 bit drivers. If not, then he's out of luck. He's trying to use 32bit equipment with a 64bit system. Unless Win64 runs in a 32bit mode, he's dead in the warer with those peripherals.
Running in a 32bit mode would defeat the purpose.
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