Installing XP onto SATA drive

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Jul 5, 2010
  1. I am trying to install xp onto a sata drive which is a replacement drive. The bios sees the HDD - Copies the files - but then I get error loading operating system on the reboot.

    The supplier have said they will refund me the cost of the HDD - but is this the issue ? I have scoured the forums and it seems the SATA drivers won't be on an XP cd - so have to do F6 thingy ? - How exactly do I do this - do I need a disk with the drivers on ? - or will pressing f6 give me a list of drivers to install ?
  2. raybay

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    Perhaps you have a driver problem strictly because the SATA driver you need does not come embedded in the Windows XP installation package. One thing to consider remember when installing XP is that no XP CD supports SATA drives natively. It has to be rebuilt in to the CD or installed before using a regular CD.
    The best solution for most drives is to go to the website of the hard drive manufacturer, where nearly all of them give full information and related downloads for the issue.
    There are also sources and fixes available with a gurgle search.
  3. EXCellR8

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    i must be misinformed on this issue because whenever i install WinXP onto a new SATA drive it works fine; i've never once had to install SATA drivers from a floppy drive or CD before. Is this just something that's dependent on a specific storage controller or do some drivers just require a third party driver to work correctly?
  4. raybay

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    Some Windows XP Home SP1 and SP2, and all of the SP3 disks have the drivers... e.g. Dell, Compaq, HP, Gateway... and a few other manufacturers from Service Pack 2 on have them... Morst Windows XP Professional SP1, SP2, SP3 have the Sata drivers... None, or very few of the basic Windows XP home or Professional disks for (new install) have them.
    None of the WXP disks without Service Packs, and almost none of the WXP SP1 have the drivers...
    It varies without reason. I have not seen any eMachine disk sets that have them before Service Pack 3.

    I know this... you cannot depend on them being there. Somehow they know you just bought a SATA drive.
  5. Ultiweap

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    For me I install it on my SATA Drive without any problem but as raybay said I may come from drivers as I have a friends that got a problem like that but not sure if it is exactly the same.
  6. lobster1979

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    For me I didn't have to do anything when installing onto SATA HD. I installed it onto a Western Digital 250gb drive. I also have a SP2 copy of windows xp.
  7. raybay

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    Well, there are 27 different versions of the Windows XP OS, which is why some have luck and some have none.

    Ifs your Windows XP disk home or Professional. Is it OEM or one from Dell, Compaq, eMachines, Sony, HP, and so on?
  8. ruready2

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    Why not post the error code if you receive one? Does the computer shut down, reboot, BSOD? Exact details are normally prerequsites to accurately diagnose the cause..
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