Integrate 3114 SATA controller with BIOS using CBROM

By mullenmj
Jul 15, 2010
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  1. Hi - I'm trying to install a 1TB samsung spinpoint f3 HDD with EP4PDA5+ mobo but having a problem getting the BIOS to detect it properly. I have the latest BIOS 6.00PG 10/6/04 and the latest sata 3114 controller 1.0.21 3/10/07

    I've searched around and found the problem and answer, best summed up here:

    So I've given myself a crash course in CBROM. As I understand it (as a newb to bios) I need both the latest BIOS files and SATA controller files downloaded (can't use the ones already installed) and in each there should be a .bin file - I take that .bin bios file for the SI 3112 chip and integrate it with the motherboard bios using CBROM - which i think i understand the process for or at least have the instructions.

    Ok,* but cannot seem to work out how to obtain the .bin files. I've downloaded the SiI3114 update from the Sil image site but the extracted folder doesn't contain a .bin file - only .htm .cat .inf .sys .dll .oem file extensions. Still waiting on the BIOS update from EPOX but their support is pretty useless these days so searching for a download on the web - hopefully the bin file is in there - but I've also read if there is a .rom file I can change the extension.

    None of the CBROM tutorials seem to mention this problem, so I figure it's something pretty simple I've missed.

    Please help ME! If some one has the 10/6/04 BIOS for me to download that would be great!

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