Intel 11th-gen Rocket Lake CPUs are now official, what you need to know ahead of reviews


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Rocket Lake, Cyprus Cove. Ice Lake......all used while describing the new CPU.

When will this madness end?


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Who really games on 1080p low? All the people who can't afford or can't justify a GPU that's priced 100% more than it should be.

Actually, that specific person who is being indirectly discussed in this post, happens to own TWO 3090 cards and various other highest end gaming cards!!


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You want the best but you want to buy chips that are slower than the competition?...

I can only say I'm highly disappointed with intel. Not only is their performance per watt hot garbage, but they use so much power keeping them cool under some workloads is impossible. I wonder how poor the OC headroom on these chips are.

So the quick gist of Rocket Lake benchmarks will mostly be, Still slower than Zen3. Hot and power hungry. Some games at 1080p Low beat out Zen 3, the biggest win intel can find. Like who really games at 1080p low.... Nearly every time you switch to running games at 1440p/4k high/max Zen 3 pulls away from intel with the lead. Rocket Lake is not going to improve that. So if you really wanted the best 4K performance with the least amount of frame drops, intel is not the chip you want to use.
He said his fav not best. If your gonna quote someone at least read what they said.
Not everyone like AMD no matter how good they make themselves look. You can't buy them anyways, at least not at retail prices.
And umm, Intel 11th gen will be available which last time I checked is a good thing.

Oh who use 1080p with low settings, pro gamers do. While 1440p is the sweet spot, 1080p gets you better overall performance n that is King in gaming.