Intel core 2 duo & Centrino

By PA-Woodchuck
Oct 5, 2007
  1. Been out of the new computer thing for a few years, but now I need a new laptop. Is there a difference between "intel core 2 duo", and the "intel core 2 duo centrino"? If so what are they?

    Also how does AMD compare to the intel stuff?

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    You'd have to purchase a high end amd cpu to contend with the mid ranged c2d models.

    As far as c2d and centrino, the difference is pwr consumption and performance. About 40% with some models.
  3. PA-Woodchuck

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    I did a little more research and as far as processors go the T5250(1.5g) is now the entry level of choice with many notebooks going for the $100 +/- range. The T5450 is about 1.7g, and the T7200 & T7300 at 2g with the main difference being the T7300 has a 800mhx FSB. Are they both also Centrino processor? I'm leaning for the HP DV9580US wht the T7300 and 17inch screen which is around $1600 on the HP site. Since my destop is an old P4 2.4g I'm thinking of using the new laptop for my video editing...

    Comments please

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