Intel intros DeepSafe CPU security, will optimize Android for x86


TS Evangelist
Putting its $7.68 billion acquisition to use, Intel has announced a new processor technology it's deemed "one of the biggest innovations" in the security industry's history. Called McAfee DeepSafe, the…

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Right, hahaha. What a joke.

So COMPLETELY IGNORING the fact a few years ago McAfee had an exploit in their software they couldn't patch for TWO YEARS, not to mention they've continually failed red check approval for security software for what four years in a row now? This is a big problem.

Since most quality mobos now have internet access from the PXE H/W level (Asus' Express Gate for example), now with this extra software at this low lvl that have been continually failing and exploited for years, hackers now will easily be able to access your comp at H/W lvl rather than OS lvl.
Can't wait to see after this is released how many people's mobos catch fire because someone exploited their system and purposely overvolted it, or corrupted/damaged the boot ROM physically.

Should have just done it a favour and killed the program off completely.
Mark my words this is going to cause much more problems than give solutions.


Just a thought, but couldn't Intel have spent that impressive $6 billion burning a hole in their wallet on improving Atom or any other answer to the growing threat of ARM? Am I just missing something here?