Intel, Microsoft make annual World's Most Ethical companies list

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Adobe, Intel and Microsoft have all been recognized in Ethisphere Institute’s sixth annual World’s Most Ethical (WME) companies list. This year’s list includes a record 145 companies spanning over three…

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I'm more interested in those that make the World's most Unethical ... hardy har har... no... I'm serious.


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i find that funny.. consider Intel just got slapped with billions of fine for unethical business practice in Europe and US for unfair practice of subsidizing PC manufacturer to sell exclusive intel chips.


the microsoft windows has an old bug that is so rare that it has never been patched, plus it is relatively easy to fix. when you get the unauthorized error you have to reinstall windows, inconvenient yes, but easy. as for windows being a copy of mac's os lololololol what a *****! apple took freeBSD and slapped their logos on it.

as for ethical, apple hasnt innovated crap, but they sure can sue. and their eula's will eventually lead to lawsuits and their down fall. you cant keep screwing consumers, consumers will bite back......harder too


Pretty much any company that buys from foxconn will not even be considered on the ethical list; or at least one might think so. I wonder just how many companies out there in the hardware production (of any type) sector that abuse their employees. Yet if we take a look at Microsoft, Adobe, or Intel; I wonder if they at all buy from such companies.


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Hitachi? Haha, they have yet to return my drive after 3 weeks from RMA that broke down within 5 months.


Why shouldn't they be on the list? They have been doing some great work for past few months/years in new types of technologies.

AMD Fanboy?


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This is a sad day where 2 of the most ruthless and unethical companies make it as ethical what is this world coming to. Last time I used windows was in 2003 where they pissed me off. I installed a video card and the windows system disabled my computer telling me that the software I bought for $400 was pirated. I still have the box for it with the serial on the side. That is the day I swore I never use their products again. They screw with people who pay high price for their security risk reden software while giving away free in Africa to niggers that run scams on computers all day long like nigeria. The company is one of the most unethical. Also last time I checked microsoft windows is a total copy of mac os. Didn't Steve Jobs hire microsoft to write the os for mac and microsoft ends up being their biggest competitor having copied all the concepts. And this company who almost destroyed Apple with coming out at the time a cheaper version of Windows for a more popular platform without apples permitting it. Apple at the time probably didn't have the money to fight it. Like today where all trying to copy and use their ideas. Look at all these mobile devices with pop up keyboards and finger gestures. All using apples innovations. Wow this world is really screwed up. Microsoft Windows is the most insecure pieses of crap ware out there. All the doors are open the file system is a joke. Anyone has access to any file. And they call this ethical. Wow.
I have never seen anyone this jelly before LOL


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How does intel who has been found for guilty for unethical issues against AMD have any credibilty to make this list?


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hitech0101 said:
How does intel who has been found for guilty for unethical issues against AMD have any credibilty to make this list?
Well this is annual and I don't think Intel or Microsoft has done anything bad in 2011 so yea they can be there. Remember annual means previous years do not matter.


About one month early for april fools.......

Microsoft/ethical = oxymoron