Intel overclocks Sandy Bridge CPU to 4.9GHz

By Emil ยท 27 replies
Sep 16, 2010
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  1. LinkedKube

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    The intel/amd rivalry has gotten so boring that I've resulted in upgrading stupid ssd drives. I gasp at the thought of AMD not making a comeback. Yeah that's right, intel fanboys should be happy their yangs(amd fanboys) are still around.

    Clearly amd fanboys are going to rage and push price vs performance and intel fanboys, well... They just twiddle their thumbs around in circles hoping their 4.5ghz oc will post smashing down on the delete key if they dont get the all might "single beep,"

    Rage all you want but every 3-4 years the Ghz war switches hands. Soon it will be the amd fanboys waiting for that black screen to post.
  2. dividebyzero

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    AMD are going to around for a very long time. Their IP, x86 license and the FTC (and EU equivalent) will see to that. AMD could drown in red ink and all that would change is Mubadala gaining a larger stake in the company and considerably more capital available.
    So, to the anti-AMD brigade gloating over AMD's possible demise, bear in mind that if this should come to pass then it will likely transform into a stonger company...albeit with a decidedly middle eastern flavour.
    The same note of caution for the AMDphiles also...praying for nvidia's demise gets much the same result. If nvidia goes under I would think it would be all but guaranteed that Intel buys up nvidia's IP and best engineers (maybe hire JHH for night security if he needs the work) which would likely translate into AMD's worst nightmare....Intel with competitive graphics (+drivers) and a not inconsiderable R&D budget.
  3. I keep reading that you cant overclock the i7 2600 (non K) past 3.8 turbo speed but all i did was use the optimal settings on my Asus P8P67 and got speeds up to 4.4 GHz. Did Intel screw up and send me a K on accident?

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