Intel proset messing with the XP WZC

By quisait
Aug 1, 2008
  1. im not going to type proper prose because i'm sick and tired lol:

    -advent laptop
    -uses intel 2200bg wireless chipset
    -WCZ will not stay activated...i've changed it to automatic and restarted it umpteen times but to no avail.
    -i've uninstalled the intel proset application...didnt work (because of the whole "3rd party apps shut off the wcz" thing). wcz keeps stopping.
    -then uninstalled everything related to intel wireless chipset.
    -downloaded fresh drivers (ONLY - none of their wireless management software)
    -installed nice and clean, except the wcz still shuts off after...20s?

    i dont think i've missed any details out. apparently this laptop has had the intel software disabled and wzc activated (semi) permanently, but it's sure as hell not doing that for me.

    Ed: thanks in advance for any responses to my plight :p
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