Intel releases Q3 earnings, modestly surpasses sales expectations

By Justin Kahn
Oct 16, 2013
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  1. Intel has now released its third quarter earnings, and after experiencing a rough several months, the company appears to be in positive territory. The results look to be very similar to those of last year's, with a net income of...

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  2. 9Nails

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    I understand that Intel is more than just processors, but a loss in the PC Client Group and gains in the Data Center group has be curious. Are businesses adopting virtual desktops (VDI) more commonly now?
  3. GhostRyder

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    As of recent, it seems to be true. Servers have gotten so powerful many agencies and business who need multiple environments end up switching to remote server or virtual machines in general because the tech is so good now. Ive seen so many machines at the place I work get dimantled and one machine come in to host 10 disabled servers. Its just much easier than housing your own machine and with Xeon Processors that can contain 8 cores so common, why would business need anymore, heck most only allow one core per VM.
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  4. Jad Chaar

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    It seems so.

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