Intel rolls out 16 new desktop and mobile processors


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Intel expanded its processor lineup over the weekend to include no less than 16 new models, including five for notebooks and eleven aimed at desktop PCs. These are all 32nm…

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So the new i5 isnt unlocked? :( Core i5 prices arent going down one bit. I think they are holding back Ivy Bridge just to make loads of money playing the market. Many are thinking that.


@First comment - Glad I bought the 2500k on release before they went up. Running nicely at 4.7Ghz, have fun overclocking these new ones :p


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I'm still strongly considering buying a 2.9 GHz Llano. The Fusion A8 is still faster than the old Q8200 that I currently use for my music production station, and paired with the nVidia 8400 GS (fanless!) that I also just bought, I think that the whole system will perform pretty well.

AMD is still kicking butt when it comes to price/performance. True, Intel still is tops, but I believe that this is changing. Plus, if ARM processors ever come out for desktop PCs, I believe that both Intel and AMD will have some problems.

Folks like myself, who are looking for low-latency, high-performance, and low-power alternatives could do a lot worse than by going with a small instruction set chip.