Intel ships 32nm Cedar Trail Atom processors, D2500 and D2700

By Matthew
Sep 27, 2011
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  1. It seems Intel's latest Atom processors might not be delayed as long as originally rumored -- if at all. The Cedar Trail parts were originally bound for launch this month…

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  2. 10w TDP is a pretty wicked stat tho. As a nAS processor or even as a low powered HTPC?? (maybe) this would be quite a nice step up from existing SKU's. Intels getting their **** in gear to counter the popularity of Amd fusion. Graphics are still a long way behind but they ARE catching up. Both companys are making much more efficient chips. 10w @24/7 can be justified for a new purchase on energy savings alone. Of course these are meant to go into Tablets, really, but still too juicy.

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