Overclocking Intel stock HSF vs. Cooler Master Hyper 48

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I have used the stock cooler on my 530j for some time now. I've had good results, but the noise level is bit too much. Now I have this very large and heavy copper HSF with a 92mm fan. A Cooler Master Hyper 48.

I ran a test with my stock HSF. I booted up at my 530 4GHz, 1.45 Vcore(267x15) and ran idle for awhile then at full load.

Stock Intel HSF

I then Installed the Cooler Master. I had to remove the motherboard to install a back plate than the HSF is screwed down too. Then I ran the same test. It comes with a replacement bracket for both socket 478 and Athlon 64. It will clamp down to the regular 478 bracket but as heavy as it is the back plate is required.

Cooler Master Hyper48

After 1 week

The noise levels are lower with the Hyper 48, but still much louder than a Arctic Cooling Freezer 7. The Cooler Master's overall performance is a disappointment so far. I hope that once the heat sink compound cures performance will increase over the Intel unit. I may also replace the 92mm fan with a more quiet one.

The Hyper 48 gets ZERO green bouncies. :mad:


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if you're looking for silence, you need to move up from air cooling

i prefer water cooling, but you can buy fan-less heat pipe coolers as well (they are huge though.. lol)


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My Freezer 7 and Freezer 64 pro are near silent. I just wanted to loose the whine of the stock HSF. This one sounds more like air moving.

Load temps are down to 55c in less than 24 hours, back to stock Vcore. I'll do the real comparison after 200 hours, next sunday. Looking pretty good!


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Lol, people always forget the thermal paste :p

Also, the 200 hours is a rough guide, if you shutdown your comp (you don't sound like the type who does tho :D) it might take more time. If you keep the comp on heat/cool cycles, you'd need less.

Also remember that AS5 needs replacement every couple of years. Like just about every other heatsink compound.
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