Intel's Alder Lake mobile flagship CPU is faster than the Apple M1 Pro and M1 Max


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You're right.

What is important to us as consumers it is: "what car runs faster consuming less". What people are discussing is if it runs on unloaded 95, 98, 100...

The important thing is not how internally it works but what they achieve. If Apple M1 chips achieve a great performance and consume little, fantastic. Sadly it doesn't run windows neither most games....

That is why I would never by Intel or AMD laptop it just garage compared to my smartphone or tablet.

I'm tired of fans, space heater, fan noise, google 3D maps slowing the laptop down, bloat and slow down, non all day battery life.

Intel or AMD is not even close to bringing out non garbage laptop for under $900.

And it should be crime shipping Celeron, pentium or i3 today. Even some i5s

That why I use desktop for games and work and on the go light stuff use iPhone or iPad.

Intel and AMD has long ways to go on mobile front , where they shine is the desktop.