Intel's upcoming Xe HPG graphics card could compete with Big Navi and Ampere


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Raja has a long history of overpromising and under delivering so you'll have to forgive me for not getting too excited about this.


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I would confer that he was the cause for Vega. AMD needed him to leave just to be able to move to RDNA.
He strikes me as more "politician" type of people. If you know what I mean.
I would agree. I think he’s well suited to Intel, which seems to care more about marketing than good design these days. Vega was a disaster (for gaming) and since he left, AMD has gone from strength to strength.


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I think people will be surprised by a "decent" intel GPU offering for the mid range.

I think with DG2 will be what RX 5700XT was for AMD. And that level of performance and below, consists the majority of the GPU market.

I don't think the performance will be the issue, my only worries will be the price.


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Sauce for the geese willing to become addicted to Intel's propensity to overcharge year after year and deliver piddling performance improvements.


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As long as this isn't going to turn into the i740 again I wish intel all the luck in the world they do have a fair way to catch up to current offering but if they can pull it off then maybe a 3 way battle for you money will mean way faster for a lot less money but then again it's Intel so maybe not


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So they’re going to use glue to hold the dies together? Leading edge! Sarcasm aside, I’m looking forward to another competitor.

Mr Majestyk

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Hardware ins one thing, but support is even more crucial. I'd prefer good performance and rock solid stability and drivers than blistering performance and lots of CTD's.

Darth Shiv

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No way Raja can pull this off. His product will come out **** again like it did before.
Yep I mean there isn't great cause for optimism other than they actually have a market segment worth targeting for a change but NV and AMD surely could demolish them if they realise they are missing a product line.


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I really want Intel to succeed. I’m not really a fan of any brand, but we need competition in the GPU market. More than ever.