Interests outside of technology?


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Mountain biking hitting the hill around Vancouver is actually more interesting to me then technology as much as I like it.


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The question can be interpreted as either "interests that don't involve technology" or "interests that aren't technology". For the latter, PC games could be an example. They use technology but aren't in themselves technological interest. Photography would also fall into this. Cameras are pretty high-tech these days, but the hobby itself isn't primarily about technology (well, for many; for some camera tech a pretty interesting part of the hobby).

My main interest in the "don't involve technology" are my kids. They take quite a bit of my once free time. All the other interests are on a much smaller burner than before they were around.

When it comes to "using technology but are not technology" interests, gaming is at a good place. Or maybe it's game shopping. You know, just looking at all the deals and occasionally giving in to temptation and buying games I don't play.

On the "not involving technology" I've been trying to get back into dancing in recent weeks. The past year or so I had less free time and quit karate and dancing (and I hardly went dancing anyway). So I'm trying to start going back.