Internal CD/DVD RW dilemma

  1. Being accursed with a best buy gift card of ~$75, I chose to peruse their selection of CD/DVD RW, since my desktop lacks one. Unfortunately, their variety is meager; a HP 1260i and a LG GH24 are the only internals among the plethora of externals. Both have similar price, ratings, and + & - CD/DVD compatibility, which most are superfluous to my needs. The LG, however, has lightscribe, which is superfluous as well. I haven't had enough experience with either company's hardware to winnow the choice to a singularity, so hopefully you guys might know. On the other hand, should I look elsewhere if both prove to be inferior? Thanks for your consideration.
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    Good, but loaded question. I'll try to address some points.

    I've never seen or heard of any DVD burner having any problems reading/writing cds. So if that was of any concern I'd dismiss that.

    Not sure if HP builds their own or if they rebrand others (likely rebrand, but I don't know), but LG drives IMO are pretty decent (I actually had one die, but I've known several other people that swear by them). HP pretty much started or was a frontrunner on Lightscribe though, and I think if you plan on doing any of that having an HP drive might be better. I recently saw a video review of an older Lightscribe drive (one I have) and apparently, at least for CDs, the media you lightscribe onto makes a big difference in the quality.

    $75, if either of those drives (I didn't check BB) are close to using up your gift card, maybe you should spend the money on bluray disks or something. You can buy a cheap burner from Newegg for less than $30 that will work great. Maybe spend the gift card on the lightscribe capable disks which are expensive everywhere.
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    I thought lightscribe was strictly a label engraver; not an augment to data writing.

    Also, are bluray drives ubiquitously CD/DVD compatible. And it seems bluray's capacity is currently excessive for most media storage; most videos are only a few gb and most decompressed audio--id est: FLAC--are only a few hundred mb; ~1gb for a discography.
    The primary reason for installing a new optical drive is to write CD/DVD's.

    By the way, those two drives at best buy are ~$50.
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    It is, I was saying that the quality of the image you "print" onto the disk is affected by the disk brand. At least that was what was inferred in the video I watched, the image isn't extremely sharp on the 2 disk I've lightscribed to.

    I know about bluray too, I was saying you might be better off just buying a few movies with the money and buying a burner from newegg.

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