Internet browser can't find websites ! ! !

By wheeler47
Oct 12, 2007
  1. I have connection to the internet, I have "ping"ed everyone I know the IP address for and I get good responses; I even was able to get remote assistance from my security software company. But when I select FireFox or InernetExplorer they just time-out.... All my settings say that I have connection, and I can network/connect to the other two PC's I have(and they connect to the internet websites fine). HELP The one thing I have done recently with this PC is run disc-cleaner and if I recall, it did compress some files and it did delete some that were stated as "Temporary Internet Files", but I don't recall exactly which ones. I realize this is more than likely my problem but I don't where to start. THNX

    XPLOSV TS Rookie

    sound like a Worm (Malware/spyware).
  3. jobeard

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    get a command prompt
    enter Ping
    you should get timing info and NO timeouts.

    if that works, then
    enter nslookup
    and you should see something like
    Non-authoritative answer:
    this proves you can translate a name to an address which then allows

    ping to work as well

    If all the above works without timeouts or unreachable replies, then your
    problem is strictly in the browser, as TCP is configured and operating correctly.
  4. Po`Girl

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    1.Go into your firewall program control and just check both broswers are allowed.
    You could even disable the firewall for two seconds just to see if anything connects.

    2.Try Safe mode with Networking (tap F8 just after start up).
    That would bypass most malware,if that be the cause.
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