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Jun 29, 2004
  1. When I am connected to the internet and on the administrator profile (Windows XP Home) and switch to the limited user, I must reconnect to the internet, which disconnects the admin and reconnects it. However if I log on as the limited user, connect to the internet, and then switch to admin, the connection is active. How can change my settings so that if I connect on the admin profile, and then switch to the limited profile, I do not have to reconnect?
  2. Goalie

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    Can you be more specific about your connection type? (DSL/Cable/Dialup?)

    Is it DHCP or statically assigned settings?

    Also, when you switch users, you can typically switch without logging out. If you logout, it terminates current session programs- if you switch, it saves those settings in the background.

    Hope this helps somewhat. btw- Welcome to TechSpot!
  3. Rick

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    Are you switching or logging off?

    I don't think you should be having that kind of problem.

    This is a guess, but there is an option when you create a dial up or PPPOE connection to allow all users to use the connection. This may be your problem.
  4. aeronautica

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    Dialup...I live out in the boondocks where broadband isn't available yet (fortunately I'll be in college this fall and that will change...); and yes, I was refering to switching users, not logging off and then logging onto another profile.

    Note: the problem only occurs when I switch from admin to limited, not when I switch from limited to admin.
  5. Goalie

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    As Rick said, there is an option to allow all users to use a connection, or only the initiator.

    Obviously, Admin rules as teh God of teh machine.

    Check your connection settings, be sure it's got permissions for each user to use it. Good luck- and yeah, I know the boondocks thing. We just got tone dialing a few years ago.
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