Internet connection keeps dropping - very odd symptoms

By paulmarkj
Jul 1, 2009
  1. My internet connection drops out if I don't use the browser for several minutes, the symptoms are odd, but very clear:

    For as long as I use the browser, the connection ALWAYS stays up - hours on end.
    As soon as I stop using the browser, the connection ALWAYS drops after a few minutes.

    I always run my online backup, which is constantly backing up, but this does not help keep the connection up.

    The browser must communicate to stay up (eg: because typing this text text takes several minutes with no actual communication, the connection will drop.

    To reconnect, I can rdo a epair (works 50% of the time) or restart windows zero configuration in services.

    I wrote a VB program which is a browser that loads web pages in the background every 30 seconds to ensure the connection stayed up. This worked perfectly for 3 days, always keeping the connection up. Now that has stopped working and does not help at all any more (but manually loading pages still works.) I switched to a static IP address, which worked well for 2 days, but this started to fail as well.

    I am running XP SP3. I have a wireless connection using a Belkin adaptor. My router is a BThomehub v2, which I have reset numerous times. Three laptops on the same network run faultlessly and my signal strength and other things must be fine because it never disconnects as long as i am surfing the the web (I use Opera)

    One other thing: In 'network connections' I have two: a disabled local area connection and a wireless network connection. When I run network diagnostics, it lists two adaptors, my Belkin adaptor and a netgear adaptor (which I haven't used for two months and is disconnected) They are both listed with the same IP address (currently, though this shifts every time I repair).

    There are 2 DNS servers listed in the diagnostics, one for Netgear, one for Belkin - could this be a conflict? How do I remove references to the old Netgear adaptor?

    Or, would it be better to revert to the old netgear adaptor and remove any reference to the belkin? I didn't have this problem with only the netgear adaptor.

    I'd be grateful for any help.
  2. Bobbye

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    Start by deleting all of the Netgear files and folders. You may not be using it, but the system is still reading it or you would't see the entries.
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