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Internet connection >> "Status is limited or no connectivity"

By trw ยท 11 replies
Apr 13, 2006
  1. well, my friend called me up today and told me his PC was running really slow and he was having alot of errors, I asked him if he ever cleaned it of spyware and such and he said no.

    so I drove over and downloaded and installed AD-aware SE, I use the program alot and it works well for removing spyware and adware.

    I scanned his PC and it found over 1000 objects, most being high risk, so I removed it all and after a reboot, his internet stopped working. I tried everything I knew to get it on again and nothing worked.

    he has a wireless Linksys router setup on a cable modem and I tried rebooting the modem and router which did not work, we also tried hooking the router up directly to the network adapter and using a 2nd connection for that (forgot what it was called) and disabling the wirless connection, but that also didn't work.

    we ran a signal test for his router and it says it has a strong signal and it can find the router, but it cant find the internet and the status on his taskbar keeps reading "Status is limited or no connectivity".

    I also tried to log on to his router but it can't find that either :S

    so I am baffled, any help is appreciated
  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,452   +6

  3. Cal_Ox

    Cal_Ox TS Rookie

    I have tried that winsock fix and the windows kb884020 and reg fix also, but still to no avail, it does not fix the limited or no connectivity issue...it is definitley the service pack 2 that does this, but my question is how do i uninstall or get rid of SP2 from my computer so i can have the wireless connection back on my laptop? I have tried the Add or remove programs, and it's not in there, i am using windows xp home edition...any help would be greatly appreciated..thanks all
  4. Cal_Ox

    Cal_Ox TS Rookie

    sorry for the re-entry, but do i have to uninstall microsoft .net frame 1.1 1.1 hot fix, and 2.0 first, then will it give me the option to uninstall microsoft SP2? thanks everyone
  5. renatos_pimp

    renatos_pimp TS Rookie

    im having the same issue with my laptop on my school's wireless network. it is driving me nuts essay i have no clue what to do the tech people couldnt fix it.
  6. loonatik

    loonatik TS Rookie

    I use SP2 and I have no such troubles....but before I had SP2 I did and this is what I did to fis the problem

    STEP 1:
    Right click MY COMPUTER select PROPERTIES choose HARDWARE go to DEVICE MANAGER and uninstall the drivers

    STEP 2:
    click START go to CONTROL PANEL make sure that it is in CLASSIC VIEW and go to ADD NEW HARDWARE

    STEP 3:

    STEP 4:
    Scroll through the list until you find your NETWORK ADAPTER and the DRIVERS (they should both show up) click NEXT

    that should fix you right up if not post st this forum also.... http://www.techguy.org/
  7. Prophet7

    Prophet7 TS Rookie

    This may be an easy fix, I don't know why this works but it does, I've seen it many times, try this:
    Go to your Network Connections through Control Panel, Right Click on your Local Area Connection or Wireless Network Connection and select Properties.
    Now uncheck the box which says "Notify me when this connection has limited or no connectivity", press ok then restart your machine, and you should have your internet working.
    That is very likely the only problem. For some reason, when that box to "notify you" is checked, it often actually makes you have limited or no connectivity.

    Sounds stupid, or too simple, but it works.
  8. Prophet7

    Prophet7 TS Rookie

    lol...just realised that this is quite an old thread.
    I suppose if you hadn't fixed the problem by now, you'd have given up.
  9. xeshaka

    xeshaka TS Rookie

    thats the beauty of google...

    I just found this thread and guess what, your suggestion worked :)

  10. Prophet7

    Prophet7 TS Rookie

    No Problem, glad to see that it helped someone.
  11. rklass

    rklass TS Rookie

    Worked like a charm

    P7 your solution saved me time. Been to the microsoft support website and their complex solutions did me no good. Btw, mine is a wireless connection.

    Thank u!
  12. DreamBoy

    DreamBoy TS Rookie

    I had the same problem, what i have done is i removed my network drivers which came with my mother-board, and then i reinstalled the Bitdiffendr,and it was working, and i had monitored neary 3 hr, and were working great, i was so happy and finally when it works i formate my Machine and re installed all the stuff, try with taht might be it works for you too, remember that only let the Vista ( windows) install the driver by default,
    good luck
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