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Jan 19, 2007
  1. hi guys i have a problem with my internet connection speed. i'm using charter's 5M internet package and before when I ran speed tests on the web, I consistently got a speed around 4M. I'm using a Linksys basic router.

    So yesterday I tried to setup my bittorrent downloading program and was fooling around with my connection settings. I changed my TCP/IP settings so I could get a static IP. Also, I set up port forwarding on my router so I could bump up the speed of the downloading program. I left my computer on overnight to download stuff and this morning when I woke up, I found out that my internet connection has died, so I revert all the settings back to original, and also unplug-plug the power of my router.

    Internet started working again but I found the speed to be relatively slow. So I ran the speed test and found out that my connection speed is only at tops 1.5M and varies. I checked all the settings, and they were same as before i made the changes. I also tried connecting straight to the cable modem and still got the same connection speed, so the problem is not with my router. my laptop also detects the same slowed-down connection speed.

    I called Charter and they said the signal is showing 5M. So I'm guessing the problem is either the cable modem or the settings on my computers?
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    Try unplugging the power to the modem for a few seconds and plug it back in. This will reset it's defaults, same as your router. Also , you don't want a static IP if you're using cable modem.And WELCOME to Techspot.
  3. roc_pride

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    still not working

    I tried unplugging the power of the modem and pluggin it back in, and also restarting the computer. However, the connection speed is still slow.

    I asked my friend and he said it might be Charter limiting the bandwhich of my connection since i tried to download a lotta of files via bittorrent yesterday and probably killed my internet connection last night.

    i've tried the unplugging method on my cable modem and router, both didnt work...

    should i ask for a technician from Charter to come take a look at my modem? I think that's probably where the problem is coming from
  4. gavilan

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    Yeah setting static ip in the router definitely won't work

    Check the MTU value in the router setup page. It should be 1500 or 1492.
    Also go to this site which will inspect your connection and make recommendations on what you should do.
  5. tipstir

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    Your router is set correctly and if they are giving you 5M and you ran test on the internet and you are getting 4M that's correct. What BT client are you using. Using the wrong one will slow down the performance. I don't think your ISP provider is limiting your downloads, you have to tweak that PC you're using. Best way it to build a downloader PC which I did that's all it does. Its fast, connections are at the max, all the network tweaks are in place. As you know MS limited the the way all versions for Windows from NT through Server 2003 work in a network way. So removing the defaults maxing the buffers, dnscache, lanmanworkstation, TCP an etc.. has made mine run faster... You can do the same with your PC just takes a bit more effort...
  6. Liquidlen

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    The bottomline is that it is practically impossible to actually get the advertised speed for any IT connection. You state you were getting 4 Mb , that is not bad. Some of the tweaks mentioned might improve on that , but only slightly.
  7. tipstir

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    No the tweak are for performance for that speed, not going to gain more speed. You would have to take in consideration how the signal is coming into the dwelling. If the user could, he or she could increase download speed by 100MB by just changing the way the line hits the modem. Never use regular phone cords lines. When I use to have DSL I had by-pass the all those DSL filters going directly into the Network Line Box or Phone Modular Box. Run a CAT 5e cable from there to your Modem using a Phone Line Modular Box so you could connect one of those Belkin Ultra phone line cords rated at CAT 5e. Once all of that is done, you could apply those registry tweaks that are set to low perfomance defaults from your friends at MS.

    Could get almost 4.5MB, but never 5MB, you would have to be right ontop of the DSL Office Location. Luckly if you can get a strong connection or live near the pole outside coming into your home.
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