Internet Doesn't work after malware removal

By Th3Gr4yAr3a
Sep 14, 2008
  1. Hello,
    I am running Windows XP on a laptop, and I recently ran into some spyware/adware called MicroAV that installed itself onto my comp. and flooded me with false security messages. To get rid of it, I downloaded windows live onecare and ran a scan. It found some viruses and deleted them, and for a few hours everything was fine. Then, internet explorer couldn't connect to the internet. Firefox still worked though, so I ignored it and used Firefox. After waking up the next morning, however, I couldn't connect at all. I am connected to my wireless network and I can log into my router to change settings but the internet wont work. I tried three browsers and Itunes music store and none will work, however Limewire will connect. I can't ping any sites or do anything other than Frostwire though. Its not a problem with my router as my Ubuntu OS on the same comp works fine on the same network.

    PS: I also uninstalled OneCare so its not the firewall or antivirus.
  2. d00shan

    d00shan TS Rookie Posts: 21

    I got that issue on one computer and fixed it with this....
  3. Th3Gr4yAr3a

    Th3Gr4yAr3a TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Three days of trying to fix this myself and i didnt come across this.
    Thanks a lot it fixed everything in like 5 secs :)
  4. d00shan

    d00shan TS Rookie Posts: 21

    glad that works ;)
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