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Interntet Explorer problem

By Dave44
May 31, 2005
  1. Don't know if this the right forum or not, but here's my problem. I recently updated Shockwave player and ever since I did I cannot open more than one window in my browser. When I open a second window IE shuts down. I have no idea if the Shockwave has anything to with it, or what. Any information would be much appreciated. My OS is XP and I have IE 6. I always use Pop-UP Stopper (which if I turn off then one windows remains open in IE but the first one closes), so I don't know if that has anything to with it. Thanks
  2. BlackGhost

    BlackGhost TS Rookie

    try to help

    have you considered using Firefox instead of IE? well, if u still dont want to change, then if i had that problem, i would try to reinstall IE. If that doesnt work, then i would try to uninstall shockwave first, and THEN, if it STILL doesnt work, then use another browser. I've given up on IE, but i understand that there are people that still love good ol' IE.

    Hope that helped,

    Hope you solve the problem :wave:
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