Introducing TechSpot Elite: an optional subscription to remove ads, plus other benefits


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Cannot log in to paypal with either of my email addresses because they each also ask me my favorite author, and I can't remember it! It gives me NO other choices.
Thanks for considering me a regular. I've been reading your excellent articles, but never signed up an account till recently when I had to reply to comments and throw in 2 pence whenever I wanted to. :D

It's a bit sad that adblocking ought to be done by default because it is difficult for ad-servers to curate their ads for malware. So really happy that a site like Techspot is being proactive using the subscription model.

Dark mode is great and tasteful. (Can there be an Auto mode like what neo***.net has?)
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I see myself paying for it... I visit this site every single day so why not... And I don't know what it is but something is changing in me lol the other day I subscribed to a Patreon to support a youtuber that I watch everyday it's a small fee to support the content I enjoy so let's go for it...
I'm guessing youre a working man, and as you get older you appreciate others work more, I used to pirate games and movies and now I buy blue rays, pay for Netflix and support 2 YouTubers, were growing up : - )
I've experienced the same. No way am I paying for the "privilege" to view someone's opinion. There are tons of sites like this out there already. Even if they all went to this model, I would find another way to spend my time/money. Many paying citizens have already had their personal data and browsing habits thrown around with no compensation, so hell no.
Here you go, buddy:

Your new home.


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I turned adblock off for you guys a few months ago, the embedded link adware thing you guys infected me with, what 10 years ago was why I had it on for so long, although you allowed a member to assist me in taking it off....


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What if I ad block?

I see no ads while using the website. Not even the ones deemed "acceptable" by somebody.
End of story. No payment needed.
Even if you put your content behind a paywall, I'd switch to other websites.

Ask people over at Forbes how the paywall for adblock users was going for them.

Find a different revenue stream or die - there are plenty of other websites out there.


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No payment needed.
The subscription is voluntary, so yes that is correct.

From the site operator standpoint, which I can understand. Their time is not void of value.

But then neither is ours. We may come here to waist our time. That doesn't mean we want someone else deciding how we waste our time just by visiting. If the site can't use that which is a value to others (the reason for visiting) as a value to them. Then they fail in finding a prosperous balance of value for both sides.

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FYI, dark mode users. We added a tweak so that benchmark graphs on articles are also switched to a dark theme. *nerd*