Investigate 9/11.

Jun 2, 2006
  1. hiker

    hiker TS Rookie

    The only thing fishy is Google does not play the video (It says I need to update my Google video player, which is by the way security compromised. The update has been hacked and is not advised to be used by Google itself) and when downloaded, the file turns out to be corrupted. I downloaded it thrice with the same results.

    Not having seen the video, I am updated regarding world news. Look around. Terrorists in Iraq and around the world. Not even Canada was spared by terror plots. If not halted, Canada would have been another site for 9/11. The arrested terrorists are even Canadian citizens and residents. Integrated terrorists or "sleepers".

    Believe me, not all muslims are terrorists. Definitely, not all Arabs are terrorists either. There are many peace-loving, decent Arabs and muslims. The problem lies with flawed ideologies. Especially the young ones (I think 2 of the arrested in Canada were students) brainwashed by their terrorist mentors. Every person, not only terrorists with violent ideologies, but also "holier-than-thou" christians with their self-righteous hell and brimstone, perish the sinner ideologies alike, are a menace to society. Such people create tension and war. They can't tolerate differences. They react in such ways because they are afraid. They are afraid because they do not understand. They do not understand because they are lazy to go out of their way to exercise their hearts and minds. As anyone can see for themselves, it is easier to act in violence, whether by speech or by actions, than to dialogue and tolerate.
  2. Spike

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    To clarify the previous post, what were are looking at past, present, and future, is extremeists on both sides of the argument, which do not encompass civilisations on either sides, but rather, are fighting it out for themselves and doing their best to attract suppport.

    The only thing suspect really is the queston of how much governments allow the people to know (the people having shown time and time again that they can't be trusted to know everything, and governments acting in glee at this knowledge, using it as an excuse not to tell the people they represent everything they deserve to know). That and the version of history put forward by either side for the polulation to believe (history is always written by the victorious. We just don't have a victor yet so both sides have their own version).

    Taking off my personal hat for a moment, and putting on my moderators hat, I am going to lock this thread. Not because there's anything wrong with it that can be easily defined, but purely because there is a strong risk of it getting very quickly out of hand. The link is there for people to follow, it has been for quite a while, and there have been few replies up untill now, so I sincerely doubt there's any loss. The whole discussion is something that can't really have a resolution or agreement by both sides anyway, and has been discussed at length in various guises many times over.
  3. SNGX1275

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    Haha, your lock doesn't trump my Special Forces rank :)

    Agree with your decision to lock it though, political and religious discussions on web forums NEVER end well, and they don't have a place on on techspot. So if Spike hadn't locked it I would have probably within the next 5 posts because - as I've learned - people that post here can't discuss religion or politics without getting upset and resorting to personal attacks.
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