iOS 14 has been circulating among security researchers and hackers since at least February

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Apple has historically kept a tight lid on hardware and software during development. Such secrecy is needed to protect its IP from the competition and makes the eventual unveiling all the more special for the audience.

Occasionally, however, things slip through the cracks and beyond Apple’s control. It happened in 2010 when a prototype iPhone 4 found its way to Gizmodo months before Apple’s reveal and according to Motherboard, the cycle is now repeating itself albeit on the software side.

The publication claims that hackers and security researchers have had access to an early build of iOS 14, the mobile operating system that Apple is expected to unveil at WWDC next month, since at least February.

Multiple sources in the jailbreaking community told the publication that they believe someone obtained a developer version of the iPhone 11 running a build of iOS 14 dated December 2019. The general consensus is that this mystery person bought the device from a vendor in China for “thousands of dollars” then extracted the iOS 14 build and shared it online with enthusiasts.

According to at least one anonymous source, this is the earliest that a version of iOS has leaked in advance of its release.

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This is actually great, having a release out asap even if not final will provide quick feedback for the team and if there are blocking bugs or other problems they can just fix it before official release. I wish theses companies would leak future versions sooner and more often. Developper would test their app with new OS features even before it's out. Imagine having your app using last OS feature the same day it's out.