iOS 8 code analysis points to built-in barometer for iPhone 6

Shawn Knight

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Much has been said about the larger screen and the redesigned chassis expected from the iPhone 6 but Apple's upcoming flagship may arrive with a couple of features that nobody saw coming. Recent analysis of some code in iOS 8...

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I dread the day when this iBarometer feature (from apple and competitor devices) fails to provide accurate atmospheric pressure readings/tornado warnings to those areas with rapid weather changes.


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Portable GPS units made by Garmin and the like are ridiculously expensive. For example the Garmin 64st at $499. I have a 60csx that is several years old but was ~$300. The dedicated units (that are expensive) have barometric altimeters in them.

With phones getting barometers in them, really the only thing phones are lacking over dedicated units are downloaded maps. You probably can get maps for you phone, but I don't know anyone that has. Most of the time you don't need them because you just pull internet maps over the cell network. However, there are a lot of places people hike that don't have cell reception, need maps on the unit for those instances.

tl;dr - Phones now have a real shot at eroding the dominance of Garmin and Magellan in the handheld GPS market.